Sexuality and intimacy during COVID-19

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Corona, 39


Lives in London


Corona the Vampire’s journey on Tinder and her efforts to push through spheres of loneliness and to shine a light on people’s realities related to dating during COVID-19.


69 Matches 

(58 men, 7 women, 3 non-binary)


An experimental art project archiving the exchanges between Corona the Vampire and her Tinder matches. It explores sexuality, intimacy and the lack of it during the new Covid-19 reality.


'Now, it has been made illegal to have sex with someone outside your household, with the rules being put into place from June 1, 2020. 
Anyone caught breaking the law could face having a criminal record. "A booty call with that guy you dated for three months last year" is very much not on the list. Nor is "a nightly visit to the nearby flat of the girl/boyfriend you're not ready to cohabitate with yet". And don't even think about going on a date, unless it's virtual. '
(Telegraph, June 2020)